About us

Alba Cooperativa Sociale was established in Padua in 1989 by a group of young people with a strong interest in social issues.
The organisation's principal aim is focused on the provision of health and social care services, professional education-training and placing professionals in job positions to assist vulnerable individuals such as elderly, disabled and sick people.

The organisation's initial activities, conducted principally within the region of Veneto, were focussed on the provision of nursing and social care services to Clinics, Hospitals, Nursing Homes and Care Homes, quickly expanding to the other regions of northern and central Italy, thus making Alba Cooperativa Sociale a key player in the sector.

Today, the service offering, the cooperative's organisation, the people involved, the managerial approach as well as the approach of the individuals, staff and partners, all combine to create a mutual spirit by demonstrating, each and every one of them, the attributes required to ensure the ethical value of quality.

The Articles of Association

Alba Solidarietà Sociale is a Social Cooperative which conducts its activities in accordance with the regulations of Italian Law no. 381/91. The company operates locally, nationally and internationally, it collaborates with other cooperative organisations and is a member of Confcooperative (Federsolidarietà).

It is a non-profit organisation and pursues mutual objectives. As stated in the Articles of Association, Alba Cooperativa Sociale operates for the benefit of the community working towards helping people and facilitating the social integration of citizens.

  • Mutuality
  • Solidarity
  • Democracy
  • Balance of responsibilities with respect to roles
  • Commitment
  • Community spirit
  • Link with the local area
  • Balanced relationship with the Government and public institutions

The means adopted by the Alba social cooperative for achieving its mutual objectives are:

  • the management of social care and educational services;
  • the performance of various activities aimed at offering employment opportunities to disadvantaged people.

Social resources

In the conduct of its activities, Alba Cooperativa Sociale relies mainly on the work carried out by its members and, through their association, seeks to achieve the best employment conditions for them, developing a spirit of mutuality and solidarity among them.

Alba Cooperativa Sociale intends to achieve its aims as a social cooperative by operating mainly within the regional environment through the involvement of community resources, such as volunteers, service users and organisations who share similar social solidarity objectives. Through the key contribution of its worker members, who play an active role in achieving its objectives in terms of the quality of the service provided, the social cooperative is better able to implement its responsible self-management.

Alba Cooperativa Sociale ensures the continuous training of its staff so as to guarantee their skills and knowledge are fully up to date, thus fully complying with the health and safety at work regulations in force. It undertakes activities that contribute to improving staff satisfaction, thus engendering behaviours that improve relationships with users and enable the staff to become well integrated into the facilities, which in turn drastically lowers turnover and improves the quality of the services, a crucial aspect in the social care and assistance sector.

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