Individual value

Alba Cooperativa Sociale, as a mutual cooperative dedicated to activities aimed at achieving "Social Facilitation and Integration" objectives, is constituted as a typically entrepreneurial organisation with financial and human resources suitable for the provision of specific services to its public and private clients.

It's for this reason that the Mission statement becomes important for identifying a number of the key features that best set Alba Cooperativa Sociale apart from its competitors and enable it to achieve the predetermined results for its clients. Its mission is characterised by the pursuit of quality, defined as the “Ethical value of Quality”.

The answer to the requirement to provide a sense of direction, a stable reference point when roles, company structures and priorities continuously change, is found in this unique foundational certainty: the ethical value of work. In order to achieve this, Alba Cooperativa Sociale acknowledges the need for it to have a “systemic” vision which underlines all the interactions between the various players within the economic, social and cultural background that it must operate in. Quality connects, within an ethical, virtuous system, all the parties involved together with their activity: public and private clients, the cooperative, suppliers, partners and the local area.

The dimensions involved

The product and/or service, the process, the people, the managerial and individual aspects are all elements of the organisation that need to be attuned so as to contribute to providing the ethical value of quality. In the case of the product and/or service, the aim is to avoid the unnecessary by utilising technology to help people and to do the important things well, constantly and systematically, so as to satisfy the expectations of clients as promised.

From a process standpoint, quality is about striving to avoid wastefulness: doing what's right from the outset and enabling the “client's voice” to seep into every aspect of the organisation, working in the wider context of the extended organisation, above all so as to ensure it's always aligned with the client's expectations and needs.
Regarding people, quality in an ethical sense is sought through trusting the workers, enabling them to grow, always maintaining a clear understanding of the meaning of their role (the why).

With respect to the managerial aspect, quality is achieved by setting an example, listening to staff and being available to those who generate value for the client and maintaining direct and close contact with them exactly where they perform the service requested by the client.

Finally, quality also impacts on the personal dimension: each of us needs to feel responsible, able to evaluate our own and other people's sphere of activity, to overcome past, unproductive thinking patterns and to push every possible internal lever to perform our job at our very best. Quality cannot remain a theoretical aspect of the Mission, indeed, its achievement is important to the strategic value of certain factors that form the foundation of the cooperative business model, such as continuous improvement and investing in the professional development of the people who, through their work, put all their best human skills into profoundly understanding the needs and feelings of others.

“Be the change that you wish to see in the world.”  Mahatma Gandhi

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